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  • Conference background

    The "International Cold Region Development Conference" is one of the most prestigious academic conferences and an important academic exchange platform for colleagues in the cold region. It provides a showcase of the latest research, planning, design, engineering, construction and operation in the cold regions of the world Technology platform. It has been successfully held for 12 sessions before. In order to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of cold areas, it is planned to hold the 13th "International Conference on Cold Area Development" in Harbin, China on July 14-16, 2023.

  • Important Notice

    The 13th International Symposium on Cold Regions Development(ISCORD '23) was successfully held in Heilongjiang University

    On July 15-17, 2023, the 13th International Symposium on Cold Regions Development(ISCORD '23) was successfully held in Harbin with the theme of "Hydrology/climate/Ecology/Social Coupling of the Ice Silk Road". 478 experts and young graduate students from 69 institutions in 15 countries participated in real time in the "offline + online" way, which was organized by the International Association for Cold Area Development Research (IACORDS), the Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society (CHES), and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). It was organized by Heilongjiang University, Heilongjiang Institute of Cold Region Building Science, Harbin Institute of Technology, School of Transportation Science and Engineering, Harbin First Municipal Engineering Co., LTD., Harbin Municipal Engineering Design Institute Co., Ltd. and co-organized by University of Alaska.

    ISCORD '23 is divided into four parts: opening ceremony, conference report, session report and Closing ceremony. Around the ice Silk Road and social development, cold region culture and education, cold region hydrology and ecology, climate change and polar environment, cold region engineering, cryosphere geological disasters, cold region construction technology and artificial freezing, snow and ice movement and cold region tourism development, cold region water conservancy academic exchange platform/organization construction, carried out warm and in-depth exchanges and discussions.

    In the opening ceremony, Wang Yongqing, Secretary of the Party Committee of Heilongjiang University, Shunji Kanie, Honorary Professor of Hokkaido University of Japan and President of IACORDS, and A.H.Nikolaev, President of Northeastern Federal University of Russia.  Li Ruobing, President of Heilongjiang Province Cold Region Building Science Research Institute, Yang Zhaohui, professor of University of Alaska, made speeches respectively. Dai Changlei, Dean of Heilongjiang University College of Water Conservancy and Electric Power and chairman of ISCORD '23 Organizing Committee, presided over the speech. As the main organizer of this meeting, the meeting also attended by Heilongjiang University International Cooperation and Exchange Department, key construction and development work Department, science and Technology Department, graduate school, School of Architectural Engineering and other units of teachers and students representatives and main leaders.

    Wang Yongqing, Party Secretary of Heilongjiang University, delivered a speech

    Wang Yongqing welcomed the ISCORD '23 delegates to Heilongjiang University, which has a strong atmosphere of international exchange and cooperation and cold area research, and thanked all the reporters for providing the most advanced and cutting-edge scientific new thinking on the development of cold area to enrich China's cold area international exchange practice, and looked forward to the collision of new wisdom sparks in the exchange and discussion. Mr. Shunji Kanie expressed his gratitude to the organizers, including Heilongjiang University, for their support on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the conference series and the return to China after 35 years. A.H. Nikolaev congratulated the conference for providing an opportunity for further cooperation and exchanges between scholars in cold regions, including scientists from China and Russia. Li Ruobing expressed his gratitude to this conference for building a new platform for China, especially Heilongjiang Province's cold area research, to focus on communication and improvement with world counterparts. Yang Zhaohui expressed his sincere congratulations on the successful convening of the meeting, which was forced to postpone in the context of the global novel coronavirus pneumonia, and wished the meeting a complete success.


    Opening ceremony

    The report of the conference was divided into two stages, which were distributed in the morning of the 15th and the afternoon of the 16th, focusing on the theme of the conference, in the form of 12 reports and more than 30 on-site questions and exchanges, laying the main tone of the academic exchange of the conference.

    In the first session of the conference presentation session, Professor Yang Zhaohui, Professor A.A. Kugaevsky of the Northeastern Federal University of Russia, Professor Askar Zhussupbekov, director of the Geotechnical Research Institute of Eurasian National University in Astana, Kazakhstan, Professor Xiao Ming of Pennsylvania State University, USA, Professor Shunji Kanie , and Professor Hannah Zubek of the University of Alaska Anchorage, USA respectively named "Frozen Ground" Impact on Seismic Behavior of Bridge Foundations and Mitigation Strategies ", "Republic of Sakha (Yakutia): economy, transportation,  science ", "Geotechnical consideration of pilling foundations of megastructures in problematical soil ground of cold region of Kazakhstan ", "Multi-scale spatiotemporal monitoring of permafrost degradation using distributed acoustic and temperature sensing ", "Numerical Approach for Degradation of permafrost due to Environmental Disturbance", "Cold Regions" "Engineering Education" made a wonderful special report. At the same time, Professor Wang Jiliang and Professor Xiao Ming from Heilongjiang Province Cold Region Building Science Research Institute, Professor Si Zhenjiang from Longjiang Water Conservancy High-quality Development Center of Heilongjiang University and Professor Zhang Feng from School of Transportation Science and Engineering of Harbin Institute of Technology presided over the report and discussion in two groups.


    First phase of the report of the General Assembly

    In the second part of the conference report, Professor Tang Yunsong of the International Joint Laboratory of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering in Cold Regions of Heilongjiang University, Professor Wang Enliang of the College of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering of Northeast Agricultural University, and  Prof. V.V.Shepelev/Prof. Ivanova of the Melnikov Institute of Permafrost Research of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.  Jong-sub Lee, College of Civil Engineering and Transportation, Northeast Forestry University, Prof. Lu Yang, Associate Professor Xue Yanzhuo, College of Marine Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, and Prof. Jong-Sub Lee, Korea University, respectively, presented the following articles: "Cultural Symbiotic evolution and Civilization Integration of Ice and Snow sports along the Ice and Snow Silk Road", "Mechanism of Destruction of shoal by Ice and Freeze-thaw Dynamics", “The founder of geocryology professor M.I. Sumgin and his expeditionary Research along the baikal-amur railway and in  Yakutia (1933-1939) ", "Monitoring and assessment of frost hazards along the China-Russia Crude Oil Pipelines in Northeast China China ", "Polar Ice Region Engineering and Technology", "Characteristics of Frozen Sand-Silt Mixtures with Various Silt Fractions" made wonderful special reports. Professor Wang Xinglong Jiaogao and Professor Askar Zhussupbekov from Heilongjiang Transportation Information and Science Research Center, Professor Ding Lin from Heilongjiang University and Professor Zheng Hao from Harbin Institute of Technology presided over the presentation and discussion in two groups.


    Second phase of the report of the General Assembly

    The section report includes 108 short reports, distributed in 4 sub-sessions, which constitute the main body of academic exchanges of this session, showing the vitality and vitality of the development of international exchanges in the cold region.

    In the first session, Professor Li Haipeng of China University of Mining and Technology and Professor Zhang Xiyin of Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Professor Zhang Yu of Lanzhou Jiaotong University and Professor Wan Xusheng of Southwest Petroleum University, Professor Li Liang of Harbin Institute of Technology, Associate Professor Wang Jiahui of Nanjing Forestry University and Director Wang Yu of Permafrost Institute of Heilongjiang Hydraulic Science Research Institute hosted the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Lanzhou University of Technology and so on Unit 20 experts around the Freeze thaw impact on macropore structure of clay by 3D X-ray computed tomography, Russian Engineering Construction Standard System and Management System, Thermos-Mechanical Stability of Hollow Cellular Concrete Block Air Convection Embankments Reports and discussions for Cold Regions, artificial freezing technology, and the construction of ice data base.

    In the second session, Lin Chuang, Assistant Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology; Zhou Yan, Associate Professor, Northeast Agricultural University; Gagarin, Melnikov Institute of Permafrost Research, Russian Academy of Sciences Director Leonid, Associate Professor Zhang Chi from China University of Mining and Technology, Associate Professor Wang Shengfu from East China University of Technology, Zhang Song Gaogong from University of Science and Technology Beijing, and Professor Wang Liquan and Professor Meng Fanxiang from School of Water Conservancy and Electric Power of Heilongjiang University led 18 experts from Saint Petersburg State University, Fiber Science Industry (Zhuhai) Co., LTD and anthropogenic factors of water exchange processes transformation in the mountain permafrost zone of the North-East  of Russia, Research on the Shear Strength Index of Seasonally Frozen Soil under Freezing-thawing Cycles, Dynamic Analysis The report and discussion of Ship Structure Under Ice Ridge Collision, the application of moisture-controlled core absorbent fabric in the stability of frozen roadbed.

    In the third and fourth sessions devoted to graduate student reports, Qi Peng, Associate Researcher of Northeast Institute of Geography and AgroEcology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Liang Jiabin, Director of R&D Center of Heilongjiang Hydropower Group, Nie Siyu, Associate Professor of Changchun Institute of Technology, Li Huiyu, Senior Engineer of Heilongjiang Institute of Cold Land Building Science, Wang Fan, Associate Professor of Xi 'an University of Science and Technology, Li Zhaoyu, Senior engineer of Heilongjiang Institute of Water Resources, and Sun Qiji, Deputy engineer of Northeast Petroleum University Professor Zhu Rock High Engineering from Heilongjiang Qiheng Survey and Design Co., LTD., and Chen Mo, Li Zhijun, Gao Yu, Zhao Wei, Duan Beixing, Xiao Ruihan and others from Heilongjiang University co-hosted 70 "on-site + online" presentations and exchanges.


    Conference venue

    The closing ceremony was presided over by Zhang Feng. First of all, Sun Yingna, Secretary-General of the Organizing committee of ISCORD '23, made a summary of the meeting. The second organizing committee from Moscow University, University of Alaska, Beijing Jiaotong University, Heilongjiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Yunnan University, Jilin University, Northeast Federal University of Russia, Chang 'an University, Tongji University, Nanjing Institute of Water Resources Science, Tomsk Polytechnic University of Russia won the Gold award Representatives of the 18 outstanding graduate student reports of the Award and 33 Silver Award reports were presented, and then 20 outstanding student volunteers who have participated in the conference since the bid were honored. Finally, Professor Kunihiro Kishi from Hokkaido University showed a promotional video for the upcoming conference and welcomed everyone to Sapporo, Japan, for the 14th ISCORD in 2026.


    Closing ceremony and academic fellowship

    During the meeting, the organizing committee also carefully arranged the academic friendship evening party, the visit to the History Museum of Heilongjiang University, the inspection of the key laboratory of permafrost engineering in Heilongjiang Province, the negotiation of international cooperation in a small scope, the exhibition of excellent cold region institutions and the latest scientific and technological products, and other activities. He has edited and published many outstanding monographs in cooperation with journals such as Sciences in Cold and Arid Regions.


    Group photo of representatives at the opening ceremony

    The 13th International Symposium on Cold Regions Development is one of the distinctive and prestigious brand academic exchange platforms, jointly initiated by Japan's Hokkaido, China's Heilongjiang Province, Canada's Alberta Province and other famous cold region friendship provinces, focusing on cold region engineering, economic and social development and other issues, has lasted for 40 years since 1983. It has been continuously organized in Sapporo, Japan, Harbin, China, Edmonton, Canada, Asbourg/Tampere/Oulu, Finland, Anchorage, Alaska, USA, Hobart, Australia, Yakutsk, Russia, Incheon, Korea and other places.

    The 13th International Symposium on Cold Regions Development, hosted by Heilongjiang University, adopted the mode of "offline + online" for the first time to exchange and discuss the latest progress of related issues from engineering technology to cold region education, from ice and snow freezing and thawing to ecological water conservancy, and sorted out and paid attention to the 40 years of development of ISCORD series. It has attracted a large number of young graduate students and scholars to care about, pay attention to, and support the development of the cold area, reflecting the excellent international academic exchange ability of Heilongjiang University, and further enriching the international exchange practice of the cold area from the perspective of China's home field and water conservancy and civil engineering.