Abstract/full text submission

Focusing on the theme and sub topics of the meeting, experts and peers are welcome to contribute actively. You are also welcome to participate in the con ferenceifyoudo not participate in the conference.No participation fee for online attendees.

1、Collection of Conference Reports

It is required to select a topic related to the sub thesis of the meeting to report.The duration ofthe keynote report is 30 minutes, and the sub forum report is15 minutes,including5-10 minutes of on-site interaction. Please submit the following information when submitting: basic information of the author, academ- ic report title(within 30words), abstract (within 300 words), content introduction(within1500 words).See Appendix 2 for the receipt of conference report collec tion.

2、Collection of Papers

An abstract or a complete paper shall be provided for the papers submitted to the conference,and the conference organizer shall publish the selected organi zationsin Chinese and English special journals, including SCI retrieval journals Plcase notc that the final acceptanee ofthe oral report will be based on the full text.The final acceptance ofthe poster presentation will be based on the summat rytext.It is required that the thesis title (less than 30 words), abstract (about 300 words). text content (about 5000 words). and the full text of the thesis after review andemployment will be published in the meeting minutes. The minutes will beissued in electronic format only and will contain ISBN and ISSN num- bers.In addition, a jury will be formed during the conference to select excellent student papers from the graduate or graduate or undergraduate students who submitted the full text ofthe conference papers and issue awards for encourage ment.In addition,the conference plans to cooperate withSCI journals,organize excellent papers to publish special issues and conference proceed ings,the details ofthe fee according to the requirements of the corresponding journals.See Annex 3 for the format of the paper.

Please refer to Appendix 1 for the receipt of participation. Relevant receipts and conference papers can be found on the website http://www.iscord2022-harbin.cn/(Chinese),  http://en.iscord2022-harbin.cn/  (English) submitted on or sent to the conference mailbox.

Conference mailbox: hss_hanshuihuiyi@126.com.

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